Investigation of Elder Financial Abuse and Exploitation

Elder financial abuse, fraud and exploitation have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. These situations may involve misappropriation of funds and assets by individuals who are in a position of trust, including caregivers, family members and financial advisors. Elder fraud also pertains to investment scams, insurance schemes and predatory financial services targeting older persons.

Hudson Intelligence conducts investigations of elder fraud and financial abuse for families and their legal advisors.

Elder financial abuse can take many forms. Occasionally it involves outright theft, when funds, property or income are taken from an elderly person's possession without their knowledge or permission. Other victims are coerced into signing new wills, transferring property, or granting power of attorney to unscrupulous individuals. Undue influence over financial decisions may coincide with moments when the older person is ill, lonely, vulnerable or suffering from diminished capacity.

Financial abuse of seniors has increased in recent years. This troubling trend has been documented in independent studies from state securities regulators, financial advisors, insurance firms and public health officials. Older Americans lose an estimated $36.5 billion every year to financial scams, according to these studies, which estimate that more than 40% of seniors suffer some form of financial abuse. Frauds targeting high-net-worth victims can result in financial losses reaching six- and seven-figures.

The full extent of financial abuse may not be discovered until the victim's finances are formally reviewed, which may occur during estate planning, before entering long-term care, or posthumously during probate administration. Even if financial fraud is not discovered until after the victim's death, it is not too late to conduct an investigation and attempt to recover assets on behalf of their estate, heirs and beneficiaries.

Hudson Intelligence conducts discreet and diligent investigations to verify whether fraud has occurred, document the extent of losses, and identify responsible parties. We coordinate our findings with law enforcement and legal counsel to support criminal prosecution and civil litigation.

Every investigation at Hudson Intelligence is led by a Certified Fraud Examiner.

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